Quality, innovative machinery for over 180 years

After 179 years in business Twose Of Tiverton is now a world leading agricultural company selling a wide range of agricultural equipment from hedgecutters and rakes to flail toppers and flex wing mowers. 

Their product range includes:

Twose Hedgecutters Hedgecutters - consisting: TA Range; TE Range; TF Range; TC RangeroTP Range (TP540C; TP600C; TP625T.


Twose Rotary and Flail Topper Flail Toppers - consisting: RT Range; RT Premium Range; Trailed Rotary Mowers; FT Original Compact; FT Original Range; FT Premium Range; FT Premium Open; FT Premium Offset


Twose Drum Mowers Mowers/Tedders/Rakes - consisting: Opticut Disc Mower; Silvercut Disc Mower; Silvercut Disc Mower Conditioners; Drum Mowers; Rotary Rakes; Twin Rotary Rake; Rotary Tedders.


Twose Rollers Rollers - consisting: 3 Section Rollers; 3 Section Premium Rollers; 5 Section Premium Rollers; 7 Section Premium Rollers; Front Mounted Presses.


Twose Spring Harrow Rake General Implements - consisting: Spring Harrow Rake; Aerator; Ballast Wheel Roller; Ballast End Tow Roller; Ballast Roller; Ballast Folding Roller; Yard Scrapers; Transport Boxes; Quick Hitches; Bale Handlers; Bale Spikes; Cutter Grabs; Grassland and Arable Subsoiler; Subsoiler Aerator.


Twose Haymakers Haymakers - consisting: RV Combi Rake; Ti Combi Rake; Ti Front Rake; SV Swath Wilter; Rotary Hay Rake.


Twose Forestry machinery Forestry - consisting: Pro Leveler; Chain Mulching Deck; Offset Forestry Mulcher; Rear Mount Forestry Mulcher; Forestry Winches.

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