Poultry Feeds

Quality feeds for all your Poultry requirements...

All of the Argo Poultry feeds we sell are totally drug free. No artificial yolk pigmentors or growth promoters are used, providing diets which enhance bird’s health, and help produce eggs with natural strong yolk colour.

With a wide choice of feeds including:

  • Baby Chick Crumbs

  • Chick Grower Pellets

  • Golden Yolk Layers Pellets and Meal

  • Mixed Poultry Corn

  • Poultry Mix Complete

  • Bantam Pellets

  • Turkey Grower Pellets

  • Turkey Finisher

  • Whole Wheat

  • Split Maize

  • Mixed Poultry Corn plus Black Sunflowers

  • Mixed Poultry Grit

  • Oyster Shell Grit

  • Chick Flint Grit

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